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UGG sale. Online only. Limited stock. Limited time. Original Australian Classic Mini ugg boots. Made in Australia from genuine Australian sheepskin. Shipped from Australia direct from our UGG Factory at 4 Broadhurst Road, Ingleburn, Sydney, NSW, 2565, Australia. Buy Australian. Enjoy Australian quality. How to select correct size | Order processing & delivery time | Cost of shipping | Australian Made Certificate | Our Registered Trademarks 


UGG SALE! ONLINE ONLY. LIMITED STOCK. BE QUICK. BUY NOW. Original Australian Classic Mini ugg boots made in Australia. Born on the beaches of Australia our original Australian ugg boots were originally made to keep surfers warm after early-morning sessions and have since become an Australian icon. It's crafted with our genuine Australian double face sheepskin which naturally wicks away moisture and regulates heat, so you can wear it anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.
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